Services Beyond Seeds

Count on T&D Enterprises for personal, ongoing service focused on helping your operation thrive from planning to seed selection through harvest and beyond.


  • Planter Meter Maintenance

    Planter Meter Maintenance

    The perfect stand equals higher yield potential. It all starts with the meter.

    We clean, test, and maintain your meters to ensure perfect accuracy and performance to get the best potential out of your crop.

    T&D Enterprises accepts meters from August 1 through March 1.

  • Aerial Fungicide Application

    Aerial Fungicide Application

    We now offer aerial application of fungicides. Stop in and see us and get the most crucial products protected to save your yield!

  • Drone Imagery and Aerial Field Mapping

    We offer a wide array of drone services. Get a birds eye view of your field to uncover problems.

  • Soil Sampling

    Soil Sampling

    Grid Sampling, Composite samples. Use us for your soil sampling and fertility needs. We do not sell fertilizer, creating honest and unbiased recommendations to get the most out of your crops.

  • Bulk Seed Tenders- Ready to use

    Bulk Seed Tenders- Ready to use

    We offer customers the use of high-performance seed tenders to deliver bulk seed to their fields and help planting efficiency.

  • In-House Soybean Seed Treatment

    In-House Soybean Seed Treatment

    LumiGEN seed treatment technology is built and rigorously tested specifically to protect Pioneer genetics. LumiGEN offers unique, proven recipes of insecticides and fungicides with multiple modes of action to defend against a broad spectrum of threats. Help your seeds start strong with seed treatment to maximize your return on investment in Pioneer genetics.

  • Moisture Probes

    Moisture Probes

    AquaSpy® moisture probes bring accurate, actionable data to irrigated acres. The vertical 12 sensor probe increases irrigation efficiency by measuring moisture, electrical conductivity (EC), and temperature at every 4 inches, for a total of 48 inches. The top sensor can be at any desired level.


We’re eager to help you overcome your crop production challenges.